What is the Learning Center?

The Learning Center is a new section of our website that will be launching in November 2018.

Since 2014, we have served the public by offering free guides on how to buy the best air purifiers for the home. And each guide is jam-packed with information to help you make the best purchasing decision possible.

However, we’ve learned that for some people the product review information is not enough to make them feel comfortable buying an air purifier.

For example, some questions pop up that are not covered in the buyer guides.

In order to help serve our visitors better, we’re going to start publishing informational guides that teach you more about the inner workings of air purifiers as well as what they can and can’t do for your health and home.

We’ll also be publishing general tips and ideas on how to make your indoor air quality better without an air purifying device.

All of that type of information will be housed in the Learning Center section of our website.

We hope you enjoy this new content and look forward to hearing your feedback about it in 2019!