13 Must Have Cubicle Accessories (For a More Energizing Workspace)

Do you want to revitalize your office cubicle?

Would you like to make your space a more energizing and productive place?

If so, this post is for you.

Below, you’ll discover the top 13 must have cubicle accessories for creating a better work environment.

Although a few of these items may be no-brainers, others are likely things you’ve never even thought of (or heard about) before.

So, let’s get into it!

List of Must Have Cubicle Accessories

1. Air Purifier

Like it or not, there are dozens of contaminants floating around in your office and you want your cubicle to be as clean as possible.

Office machines, building materials, paints, and even the HVAC system can all spread toxic particles around the air you breathe.

While paying for a full-size air purifier may not be in your company’s budget, you can still protect your own health by purchasing a personal air purifier that sits on your desk.

A desktop air purifier like this can help strip the pollutants out of the air in your cubicle. This creates a personalized bubble of clean air.

Check out our small air purifier for office reviews to see what’s available for your needs.

These devices are much cheaper than the full-sized models and can not only get rid of contaminants but also eliminate odors to make the air smell fresher too.

2. Wall Clips

Since space is limited in your cubicle, you want to make use of every inch of space you do have.

To do this, wall clips are a must.

They look like binder clips and you can get ones with pin backs that stick into your cubicle wall or ones that tack into a cardboard partition.

Wall clips are great for more than hanging pictures too. They’re a nice accessory to hang important paperwork to keep it at eye level and on your mind.

3. Dry Erase Calendar

Almost every office has a general calendar; however, having a personal dry erase calendar allows you to customize it how you see fit.

You can redo it each month, add your appointments or notes, and write out your to-do list in a space where you won’t forget it.

Dry erase calendars come in different styles and sizes, and you can personalize them with all sorts of things.

4. Personalize Sticky Notes

Half of the struggle with sticky notes is trying to decide which ones you designate for what purpose.

While you could use a color-coding system, personalized sticky notes are another good option.

You can get pre-made versions or have them customized to your liking. Some common ideas include sticky notes that read “Urgent”, “Finished”, “Memo”, “To-Do”, “Due by X Date”, etc.

5. Floating Coffee Mug

If you’re a coffee or tea drinker then this one of the top must have cubicle accessories you should consider.

If you want to protect your desk and cubicle from those sticky mug rings when you set your cup down, getting a floating coffee mug is an easy fix for this common issue.

With this type of mug, the bottom never touches the surface of your desk. It floats above it.

In turn, you’ll never have to deal with those pesky coffee rings ever again.

6. Corner Shelves or Organizers

Every inch of space counts when you work out of a cubicle.

The corners can turn into wasted space unless you invest in some corner shelves or organizers.

You can stack a bunch of organizers in the corner and use each layer for different paperwork.

And, if you get shelves with drawers, you can store your excess items.

7. Flexible Monitor Arm

A flexible monitor arm attaches to the back of your computer monitor and allows you to move it in different directions.

You can move it up, down, right, or left.

Having a movable arm for your monitor helps you collaborate better, sit with good posture, or even stand for certain points during the day without straining your body.

8. Digital Photo Frame

Everyone likes photos of their friends or family, but space can be an issue in a cubicle.

A digital photo frame lets you load dozens and dozens of pictures in and set it on your desk.

You can even hang it on your wall if you have cork or walls that you can push into.

A digital photo frame can help to refresh and motivate you each time you glance at it.

9. Terrarium

If you have cabinets that suspend along the side of your cubicle at eye level, you can hang a small terrarium.

In this terrarium, you can place a little dirt, some pretty rocks, and a few succulents.

Terrariums don’t need much in the way of care except for light and a little water.

10. Bamboo Chair Mat

A bamboo chair mat drapes over the back of your chair. It usually comes with several balls that roll against your back as you lean against it.

Bamboo mats are inexpensive, durable, and can help with eas your sore muscles throughout the workday.

11. Accessory Holder

You’ll have pens, pencils, paper clips, whiteout, markers, staples, staple pullers, scissors, and other miscellaneous items in your cubicle that need a home.

Getting an accessory holder gives you a space to put all of these items to help them stay organized and out of your way.

12. Humidifier

Offices can get dry and this can cause irritation in your throat and eyes.

Getting a tiny humidifier that plugs into your computer through a USB cord is a great way to combat the dry air, especially in colder weather.

You could even add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil for a refreshing scent.

13. Desk Fan

In most offices, you don’t have much control over the temperature.

And that means it can get uncomfortably warm.

To fight the heat, you can get a small desk fan.

There are ones that plug into your USB port, plug into the wall, or run on batteries.

A cheap desk fan is a great way to create a cool breeze and boost your productivity.

Enjoy Your Cubicle Accessories!

That does it for our list of the top must have cubicle accessories.

We hope you enjoy outfitting your cubicle with these things to help revitalize your office space.

As a reminder, it’s important to keep yourself healthy while at work. The airborne contaminants that may be present can wreak havoc on your personal wellbeing in both the short and long term.

To keep the air around you clean, an air purifier is essential. So, take a look at our small air purifier for office reviews to find out more about how these small devices can work for you.

An air purifier is a worthwhile investment for any cubicle space and is the top accessory you can buy today.