How to Keep Your House Smelling Good with a Dog (12 Tips That Actually Work)

Love your dog but not their smell?

We understand.

Keeping a clean home while also having dogs can be a challenge, but luckily, there are some relatively easy steps you can take to make it smell fresh again.

The following list includes 12 tips for how to keep your house smelling good with a dog.

You’ll likely only need to use one or two in order to get rid of dog odors, however, it’s good for you to know each option that’s available.

So, without further ado, here’s how to make your house smell good with dogs!

1. Use an Air Purifier

Our first tip is an all-encompassing one regardless if you own just one dog or a multitude of pooches.

An air purifier is an amazing device that can get rid of dog smells in any room of your house. All you do is set the device in a corner, turn it on, and let it work.

What an air purifier does is draws air into the machine, filters out the odor particles, and pushes fresh air back into the space. It’s great if you to keep your home smelling fresh at all times without having to put in any physical labor.

Additionally, air purifiers also get rid of airborne dog dander and hair. So, this one simple device not only freshens up your home but keeps it clean too.

Check out our best air purifier for pets reviews to learn more about the power of these machines and to learn how well they can help against odors.

2. Put Baking Soda Around

Did you know that baking soda has natural deodorizing properties?

It works to absorb odors and it’s a natural way how to keep your house smelling good with a dog.

There are a few ways that you can use it too.

First, you can open a box of baking soda and put it on the shelf where you keep your dog’s toys, treats, and collars. 

Second, you can sprinkle baking soda on common areas that attract dog odors such as upholstery, fabrics, and carpeting. Then, let it sit overnight to absorb the smells and vacuum it up the next morning.

Depending on the severity of the dog odors, you may need to repeat this step a few times.

3. Let Fresh Air In

This one is extremely obvious, however, opening your windows for a few hours a day can let fresh air into your home.

And this simple act can help flush the dog smell out of your house in addition to dog dander particles.

If you’re using an air purifier, this step won’t be needed since air purifiers work best when the windows and doors are closed. That way the machine can recirculate the indoor air over and over again until it’s completely odor-free.

4. Wash Your Dog’s Items

Many people simply forget to wash their dog’s toys, blankets, bedding, and leashes, but these items are notorious for harboring dog smells.

Pick one day of the week and make it your washing day for your dog’s things.

Also, consider rotating our their toys. Put the clean and dry toys away, and swap them out with stored toys. 

Over time, a toy may get so saturated with dog smells that it won’t come out. Therefore, by rotating these items, you can prolong their life by keeping odors out of them for longer stretches of time.

5. Get a Pet Odor Eliminating Candle

Did you know that there are candles specifically made to help get rid of dog smells?

And they’re quite fragrant too.

Keep in mind that burning a couple of these pet candles can help mask the smell of dogs inside your home but it won’t get rid of the source. Also, keep the candles high up and out of your dog’s reach so they don’t cause an accidental fire.

Another option is to get a wax warmer and use wax melts. You can have these going in the rooms you use the most to combat the odors and there’s less of a chance for a fire igniting if one gets knocked over.

6. Refresh Your Dog with Waterless Shampoo

Let’s face it, giving your dog a bath every week is not practical for most people.

Although it is one of the best ways to keep dog smell out of your home.

Fortunately, a waterless shampoo does exist to help you reap some of the benefits of a dog bath without actually going through all of the hard work. Using a waterless shampoo along with grooming wipes between baths can help refresh your dog’s coat and get rid of odors. Just don’t use too much of it or too often or problems can occur.

7. Towel Your Dog Completely Dry

If you’re brave enough to wash your dog each week (or even once per month) it’s best to completely dry your pooch off before you let him or her run free.

Even after a good bath, wet dog smell can leave a trail.

So, take a few minutes to towel off your pet or use a blow dryer to make the job faster (and easier). 

8. Clean Your Dog’s Ears and Paws

Yeast can build up in your dog’s ears and paws, and this yeast can cause your dog to smell like corn chips.

To prevent this, routinely cleaning their paws and ears can reduce the odor.

Additionally, it can also make your dog healthier and less prone to infections. 

9. Wipe Everything Down with Vinegar

For those wondering how to make your house smell good with dogs with easy-to-find household products, vinegar is an excellent natural cleaner.

It has a slightly stronger smell by itself but it tends to fade after a few hours after use. Rub it on solid surfaces and spray lightly of fabrics.

You can also add a splash of vinegar to your laundry to help neutralize dog odors on your clothing.

10. Use Enzymatic Cleaners

If your dog has an accident on the rug, odors can linger. And if you don’t clean it up correctly, bacteria can thrive.

This is where enzymatic cleaners come in.

These cleaners work to kill the bacteria and lift the stain from your furniture or carpet which also helps to neutralize smells. 

11. Cover Your Furniture with Covers

Here’s another way for how to make your house smell less like dog even if you can’t (or just don’t want to) keep your dog off of the furniture

Purchase furniture covers.

These covers usually come with a waterproof coating or layer and are machine washable.

You can clean furniture covers once a week to help reduce dog smells in your living room while also protecting your furniture from wear and tear.

12. Get an Odor-Resistant Collar

When was the last time you bought your dog a new collar?

After a few years, the odors will get so deep into the fabric that they’re likely to never completely come out.

The odors trapped in your dog’s collar can also transfer to your furniture, rugs, and carpets.

So, if you haven’t changed your dog’s collar in a while or just want a better option, buy a new collar that comes with odor-resistant fabric. 


You now have a dozen ways for how to keep your house smelling good with a dog. At least one or two of these tips should work for you.

Remember, our first tip on using an air purifier is a good one. In fact, we recommend that every pet owner uses an air purifier in their home to cut down on pet odor, hair, and dander.

Air purifiers are great machines that not only keep your home smelling clean but also less polluted with indoor contaminants.