How to Keep Dust Off Furniture

Got dusty furniture?

Well, you’re definitely not alone. 

This is something people have had a problem for thousands of years, and it seems to get worse if you have small children or pets that live indoors.

To help you get some relief, we’ve rounded up several quick and easy tips for how to keep dust off furniture, whether it’s wooden or upholstered. 

How to Keep Dust Off Furniture

1. Buy an Air Purifier (or Two)

The first thing you’re going to want to do to keep the dust off your furniture is to remove the bulk of the dust from the surrounding air.

You can accomplish this task by buying an air purifier and running it in the room (or rooms) you use most.

Air purifiers are a specialized dust removal machine that pulls the air inside a room into the unit, run it through a series of filters, and catch pollutants like dust, pet dander, mold spores, and other allergens.

2. Keep Your Pets Off the Furniture

Did you know that pet dander is a big part of dust?

Pet dander sinks into your furniture each time your dog or cat walks or lays on them, so keeping them off these items us important.

If you’re worried about your pets having a comfortable bed of their own, get your animal their own private bed to lay in.

It may take a while for your pet to understand that their bed is the place to lay, but being consistent with training will pay off eventually.

If you can’t stomach the thought of denying your pet access to your couch, then our next tip is something you’ll want to consider.

3. Get Furniture Protectors

Furniture protectors come if both fabric or plastic, and both work well.

They’re designed to slip over your furniture and provide a barrier between your furniture’s fabric and any dust that may be airborne.

In order to get the most benefit out of furniture protectors, you’ll want to wash them every week or two to keep them clean. 

4. Wipe Down Wood Furniture with Dryer Sheets

Did you know that dryer or fabric sheets can actually repel dust from hard surfaces?

Dryer sheets come with anti-static chemicals in them, and these chemicals help to keep the dust off of your wood furnishings like tables, chairs, or decorative wooden arms and legs.

Giving your furniture a quick wipe once per week can help greatly at repelling dust collection.

And if you combine this tip with the use of an air purifier, you’ll remove most of the dust that enters into a room. 

5. Clean and Maintain Your Air Vents

Do you clean your home regularly but still wonder why is my house so dusty?

If so, it may be due to your heating and cooling system.

Your heating and cooling system can accumulate a lot of dust, and this dust may be getting blown into the air each time the system switches on.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to schedule an annual inspection and cleaning of your air vents. 

In between services, make sure to keep up on regular filter replacements.

Spending a few dollars on this upkeep is a simple way for how to remove dust from room.

A good rule of thumb is to replace your heating and cooling filters every three months. More often if you’re running the system more frequently than usual.

Summary: How to Keep Dust Off Furniture

As you can see, these are just a few simple ways for how to keep dust off furniture.

While each one does require a little investment of time or money, they’re some of the most effective methods for combating dust indoors.

Try one or try them all, and you should start to see a rapid improvement in the amount of dust that collects on your furniture and the air quality inside your home.

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